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Original painting on A3 size woodboard. One of a kind. Signed and titled at the back. Unframed.


"Quietude at Dawn" is a contemporary still life painting that captures the tranquil beauty of a morning scene. This artwork is a harmonious blend of everyday simplicity and profound serenity, featuring two elegantly poised vases, ripe pears, and a cluster of grapes, set against the backdrop of a calm blue sea visible through a window bathed in morning light.

Inspired by the quiet moments of dawn, this piece reflects my deep appreciation for the subtle interplay of light and shadow in the early hours. The choice of subject matter – the vases, fruits, and the seascape – is a deliberate nod to the traditional still life genre, yet reimagined through a modern lens. The scene is not just a depiction of objects but a tableau of tranquility, inviting viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the calmness of the moment.

The use of vibrant colors and textured brushwork is a signature element of my style, aiming to evoke a sense of joy and wonder. The morning light, rendered with a spectrum of warm hues, symbolizes the promise of a new day and the potential for personal renewal and mindfulness.

In creating "Quietude at Dawn," I chose acrylics for their versatility and depth. The medium allows for rich layering and texture, which brings the scene to life, making the light almost tangible. The artwork is complete with high-quality materials and includes hanging hardware, ensuring it is ready to bring a sense of peace and contemplation to any space.

Through this painting, I hope to inspire viewers to find a moment of peace in their busy lives, to connect with the world around them, and to appreciate the beauty in simplicity. "Quietude at Dawn" is more than a painting; it's an invitation to embrace the stillness and beauty of life's quiet moments.


Important notes

  • All the artworks are signed, titled, and dated on the back
  • You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed, to grant the uniqueness of the artwork


To all my EU customers
Due to Brexit, this product could be subject to be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country. The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.

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Quietude at Dawn

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