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David Galan is a contemporary artist based in London, whose vibrant and textured artwork explores the emotions of inner life and the benefits of mindfulness. He challenges traditional values by using everyday objects from the modern world as symbols to inspire positive change.

David's passion for mindfulness and self-exploration is reflected in his art, which encourages viewers to connect with the world around them and find a sense of inner peace. His paintings are full of colour and texture, evoking a sense of joy and wonder in the viewer.

David's artistic journey began when he dared to challenge the values he was educated into, seeking his own truth and path. As a result, his artwork is deeply personal and reflective, representing his own inner journey and growth.

David has participated in The Other Art Fair by Saatchi's, and his work has been featured on their website several times and included in their printed catalogue. He has exhibited in galleries throughout London, garnering acclaim for his unique and inspiring art. His goal is to continue inspiring others to embrace mindfulness and find their own path to personal growth through his art.

Through his vibrant and textured paintings, David Galan invites you to explore the emotions of inner life and embrace the benefits of mindfulness. Join him on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth through the beauty of his art.

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