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Original painting on A3 size woodboard. One of a kind. Signed and titled at the back. Unframed.


"Awakening Hues" is a contemporary painting that blends the vibrancy of colour with the elegance of still life composition. At the heart of this artwork is an ornately decorated vase, adorned with gold relief and intricate patterns, its surface telling stories of time with its beautifully aged, rustic appearance. Accompanying this central figure are two light orange pears, their soft, warm tones complementing the vase's rich history.

The backdrop of this composition is a lively tapestry of colours and patterns, reminiscent of vibrant, old wallpaper. Light pink flowers, green squares, and fluorescent pink dots come together in a harmonious yet eclectic mix, creating a backdrop that is both energetic and refined. This choice of background not only adds depth to the composition but also encapsulates the painting's theme of eclectic elegance and spiritual awakening.

"Awakening Hues" is inspired by the transformative power of color and the beauty found in the blend of the old with the new. The vibrant light oranges and greens, set against the unique backdrop, evoke a sense of renewal and contemplation, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own spirituality and the elegance that lies in awakening to the world's beauty.

In choosing to depict an ornamented vase and pears against this lively background, I aimed to create a visual metaphor for the awakening of the senses and the soul. The eclectic elegance of the scene symbolizes the joy and contemplation that arise from embracing the full spectrum of life's experiences, from the ancient to the modern, from the spiritual to the sensory.

Through "Awakening Hues," I hope to inspire viewers to find a sense of contentment and spiritual fulfilment in the beauty of the everyday and the vibrancy of the world around them. This painting is an invitation to bring a piece of eclectic elegance and spiritual awakening into one's living space.


Important notes

  • All the artworks are signed, titled, and dated on the back
  • You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed, to grant the uniqueness of the artwork


To all my EU customers
Due to Brexit, this product could be subject to be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country. The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.

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Frames are not included (images shown are for display purposes only)

Awakening Hues

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