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"Skull Study n2" emerges as a regal addition to David Galán's Memento Mori series, presented on a 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm artist canvas board. The skull, a central motif throughout the series, is here adorned with a crown, juxtaposing symbols of temporal power and eternal silence, prompting a reflection on the fleeting nature of authority against the backdrop of time's passage.

Inspired by the universality of mortality and the historic fascination with crowns as symbols of power, Galán prompts viewers to consider the irony of temporal accolades in the face of life's ultimate equalizer. The vivid background of polka dots in hues of purple and gold creates a stark contrast to the monochrome skull, symbolizing the vibrancy of life and the pomp of ceremony against the inevitability of death.

Viewers are invited to delve into a dialogue with the ages, feeling a sense of shared heritage with those who've come before and will come after. This work may evoke a contemplation of legacy—what it means to 'wear a crown' and how these symbols of power are but temporary markers in our life stories.

The chosen medium of graphite on canvas provides a textural depth that emphasizes the tactile reality of our existence, while the precise, illustrative style of the skull renders it both modern and timeless. The simplicity of the subject matter—stripped of all but the essential form—allows the message to resonate more profoundly.

In "Skull Study n2," Galán continues to demonstrate his mastery in blending classical motifs with contemporary execution. It's an invitation to his audience to ponder their place in the continuum of life, and to find meaning beyond the transient. This piece is an eloquent reminder to cherish the present and to consider what endures beyond the confines of our temporal reigns.


Original Mix Technique Painting.

One of a kind artwork.

Acrylic, spray paint, glazing, Posca markers, graphite.
Signed, dated and title on the back.
Size 12" x 12"  30.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Arteza Classic canvas panel. 100% cotton

8oz (280g/m2) primed. Primed with Acid-free acrylic titanium gesso.

4oz (105g/m2) unprimed. Board core made of Acid-free recycled paper.


Important notes

  • All the artworks are signed, titled, and dated on the back
  • You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed, to grant the uniqueness of the artwork


To all my EU customers
Due to Brexit, this product could be subject to be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country. The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.

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Skull study n2

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